How a $5 Sale On OfferUp Got Me to Declutter Again

What does $5 buy nowadays? It doesn’t cover my Starbucks order. It’s not going to get me very far in terms of gallons of gas. I can’t even buy a footlong at Subway. $5 doesn’t go far, so why would I bother with a $5 sale on OfferUp? It turns out that like most things … [Read more…]

How Would You Describe Your Finances?

Receipt Hog Phone Survey How Would You Describe Your Finances

If you followed my quest for a stress-free Christmas last year, you know I’m a big fan of phone apps. More precisely, phone apps that promise me riches a few dollars in PayPal and a few dollars to Amazon. I know a lot of people write them off as a waste of time, but for … [Read more…]