How We Are Hoping to Help Small Businesses

Small businesses are struggling. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. If it saddens you, though, there are some action steps that we can take to help some of these businesses survive.  We’ve tried to adopt these practices into our lives throughout the pandemic, and it’s been important to us as a family to revisit them in order … [Read more…]

Dissecting My Black Friday Weekend Shopping

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. It goes on and on. And it truly does. By my calculations this is actually the second full Cyber week because one week and certainly one day isn’t enough. After writing in defense of Black Friday shoppers and also encouraging people to shop in a way that is … [Read more…]

5 Things My Husband’s FFCRA Leave Taught Us

Parachute Touches Down End of Leave of Absence FFCRA

While we are no stranger to choosing time over money, starting the school year with my husband on a leave of absence was a hard choice. Now that his leave is winding down, I wanted to share a behind-the-scenes look at his leave and what we’ve learned. The Start of a Leave of Absence As … [Read more…]

Figuring Out What It Means to Finish 2020 Strong

Raucous holiday gatherings that I hopefully came in under budget for and could heartily enjoy. Moments of pause to reflect on goals I met and goals I didn’t. Way too much hot cocoa.  And yet somehow, this year is shaping up to be very different. Given the bleak start to fall we are having in … [Read more…]

5 Pieces of Advice I Really Need Now

Advice on sticky notes

There’s so much advice swirling around. It’s a cacophony of promises to take the edge off the pandemic. While I sincerely hope it’s working for some people, it hasn’t much worked for me. This post isn’t set to weigh anyone else’s advice. In fact, it’s likely that the advice may truly help someone–or many someones. … [Read more…]

Saying No To Myself: A Money Skill I’m Still Trying to Master

Note to Self Word No Telling Myself No

We’ve crested a lot of milestones in 2020. Not only do we have enough money set aside in savings to pay off our mortgage when we’re ready, we can also afford for my husband to take a short-term leave of absence from a work situation that no longer works for our family. Oh. And the … [Read more…]