Take What You Need Now

I haven’t seen baby wipes or toilet paper at any local store in days. Never mind Clorox wipes.  I’m starting to forget what it’s like to see people shopping with baskets, not just carts. As the hoarding continues and as the unknown lingers, there’s the impulse to take everything we think we could ever possibly … [Read more…]

I’m Proud of You

I'm Proud of You

It started on Twitter, as most great ideas do. I’m proud of you. OK, fine. Only half of that first idea is true. But thanks to a wonderful Internet friend, a bot, and a beloved cardigan-wearing superhero, this post really did start on Twitter. “I’m proud of you.” — MisterRogersQuotes (@MisterRogersSay) December 3, 2019 When … [Read more…]

I Put Down My Badge of Busy and Took A Nap Instead

Balancing Busy with a Nap

You’re expecting a metaphor, aren’t you? The truth is I took an honest-to-goodness nap today. And it’s so important, I’ve actually decided to write about it. It wasn’t a particularly exceptional nap in any regard other than the fact that I actually took one. A lot of times, I think about resting. Occasionally, I even … [Read more…]