1. Mrs Thompson

    I have not read this book yet but would love to do so! If I win, promise to donate it when I’m done reading it?

  2. Rachel C

    I heard Tanja on the Young House Love podcast and have been interested in reading her book since then! It’s actually kind of what launched me into this journey of reading financial blogs…. I think she shouted you guys out on the one I listened to actually.

    Thanks for the Monday motivation. Definitely needing it today after staying up late watching the Super Bowl last night.

    • That is so cool that you found personal finance thought the Young House Love show. Tanja did mention my blog, which I’m still pinching myself over. Welcome to the community!

  3. Kat

    This has been a rough few months with my job, so it’s hard to work up the energy to go in on Monday morning. But this weekend, i spent time at my parent’s house with my partner and we planned part of a trip to Europe this summer so the four of us can watch a metric crapton of soccer. A bit easier to go in to work when i have plans for a vacation soon(ish).

  4. Mondays don’t have the same negative feeling attached as they used to. When you don’t have to work you know you are going because you want to. And always doing what you want to is a joy and a gift. It is truly the best thing about FI.

    As you know, my wife is also a teacher. I tell her, and this is as true for you as it is for her, that at the end of every school day you get to spend with your students, the world is just a little better off than it was before. When kids learn from people who love them, that ripple in the pond goes out pretty far and affects things we can’t see.

    You are lucky indeed, Penny, to have that kind of influence for good. And we are lucky too to have you in our world.

    • Oh, Oldster. You make my day with every single one of your comments!

      Teachers (myself included!) are so lucky to be able to make an impact — even when it’s difficult or downright impossible-seeming at times!

  5. veronica

    I’m working as an Assistant English Teacher in a high school in Spain this year. This gig is my first exposure to teaching in a classroom.

    I have no idea how you and all those other career teachers do it. Teachers should all be nominated for sainthood.

  6. Kate

    Would be happy to have a copy of the book. And as to Mondays… This likely wouldn’t apply to everyone, but I’m a runner and training for some races later this spring. I tend to schedule my speed workouts on Monday mornings (I run when I wake up, before work). Something about spending your first awake hour of the week doing punishing sprints makes everything else feel a little more doable. “Well, I already did THAT, so how hard can writing this report/analyzing this budget/drafting this scope of work be? At least I get to sit down while doing it.”

  7. Lindsey

    Love your first one… we do something similar- we call it Recovery Monday- which means recover from the weekend/ease into the week. Dinner is whatever works (takeout, frozen pizza, cereal- no expectations of anything fancy/complete). And no chore expectations either. If it gets done, fine…. but nothing is “on the list.” It makes getting through the workday feel that much sweeter, because it’s pure relaxation (if desired) once home. I do like my job, and kind of feel like it’s semi-retirement (mid-life) so that helps too! I also really liked Tanja’s book.

  8. You are the best! I don’t need a copy of Work Optional but wanted to send you some positive energy this Monday. I love that you chose giving as a way to make it through Monday!

  9. I don’t need a copy of Tanja’s book, as I scored a Kindle copy on sale. I just popped on here to say that Mondays are also the slowest night of the week for restaurants, so going out to eat on Monday nights means a less crowded dining experience (YMMV with kid-friendly fast food establishments).

  10. Littlest Pineapple

    Thank you for sharing! As a second year teacher, it’s really helpful to hear when experienced, dedicated teachers who love their jobs also struggle to transition back to Monday.

    • It’s so easy to emphasize all the joys of teaching. And it is an absolute joy! But I think we can find joy in other parts of our lives, and I don’t think we should feel bad about that.

      I still struggle with this after 12 years in the profession, though! 🙂

  11. My best idea for Monday’s is not to schedule any meetings on Monday. I hate having to remember a meeting on Sunday night. Also, it leaves Monday free to handle the drama that seems to happen in a nonprofit. I would love a copy of the book. I have heard about it but not purchased yet.

  12. I don’t need a copy of Work Optional since I already read it(great book and thanks Tanja) but thanks for the motivation for how to handle Mondays. I think why you work will give you the reason not to be down when Monday comes. If your job is something you like and passionate about then you should look forward to Monday and the challenges at work at may come. If work is only for the paycheck then try to think of who you are providing your paycheck for especially if you have a family.
    I think when ppl have a case of the Mondays, they should read your post, Penny. That will cheer them up. 🙂

    • Kris, you are too kind! Even though I really do love my job, it helps on bad days to remember that I can use my money to do a lot of things for my family!

  13. Ashley

    I try to make Monday’s productive so the rest of the week isn’t as challenging. Taking the time to plan ahead and prep makes future Mondays a little easier too because I’m less likely to come in and face a lot that has to be done that day.

    Just discovered your site this weekend! 🙂

    • I’ve heard from several people about looking into different ways to ease into Monday. It’s a great idea, Ashley! So glad you stopped by 😀

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