1. OMG. It’s like you read our grocery confessions post about how we feed our family for so little. We eat vegetarian, cool all our food from scratch, and avoid prepackaged food like it is filled with mercury. Of course the downside of that is that Mrs. Gov spends 472957372 hours a week in our non-HGTV kitchen. I think there’s balance to be found there and hopefully you’re close to finding it!

    • Yes! I am trying to be mindful of the trade off. Brownies are easy peasy, and our banana bread recipe is simple, too. Trying to slowly acquire more good and SIMPLE recipes…without 4384645361235 things to clean up afterward (even though my husband kindly volunteers to do a lot of this!).

  2. Avis

    Start trying to earn extra money on Poshmark unfortunately posted two things and after that app will not allow multiple pictures from my mobile device. Will try to figure out the problem this week and get back at it. Plenty of clothes and shoes I no longer wear since retiring. Ghostwriting sounds interesting – how did you get started?

    • Hi, Avis! Ghostwriting is actually one of the best things that comes out of blogging anonymously. Since I don’t get personal credit for this writing, I think people started to guess (correctly!) that I’d be happy to write without getting a byline for my work.

      I’ve never heard that about Poshmark. I haven’t listed any items this month. I wonder if that’s an update with the app that I haven’t noticed yet. That sounds super frustrating to not be able to list photos easily!

  3. JobSpotter has become such a disappointment. Between more people using it, and less pay for first-spotter submissions, I got a whopping $4 and change from my recent travels. Usually that was good for $20+ as I explored a new city.

    • I am so glad that this isn’t just me. I’ve been purposely waiting for the dots to turn dark green before snapping the photos, too! The most recent “high value” dot they had coded netted me a whopping…15 cents. Hard pass.

      • I’m glad to hear that Jobspotter has become a disappointment. I had serious FOMO since all my other Twitter friends talk about it. Now I can safely say that I did MO, and no longer need to fear not joining.

  4. One of my 2020 resolutions was to have one meatless meal per day. It was mostly for environmental reasons, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how much my weekly grocery bills have gone down. Are you a tempeh fan? I think it’s an acquired taste, but I am finding I actually really look forward to having it in my meals, and it’s pretty cheap too. I’ve got to look into these black bean and sweet potato tacos…


    • I like tempeh when I’ve had it prepared for me. But I’m so bad at recipes with that…or even tofu. I obviously just need to practice more and stop letting myself off the hook!

  5. I have yet to dive into the world of savings apps. I do occasionally sell stuff on eBay, but I hate selling stuff and I’m awful at it so I’m dragging my feet on the few items I need to post.

    I do save by cooking and baking a lot, although with school age kids the requests for prepackaged stuff has increased. Maybe you’d like making granola bars? Allrecipe’s “Playgroup Granola Bars” are a hit at my house, and are very filling. (I reduce the brown sugar by half.) The honey makes them expensive but you can sub other liquid sweeteners if you want.

    Also, we tapped our one suburban maple tree and we make enough syrup for our family for the year. We spend on propane to boil down the sap, but it’s still cheaper than buying real maple syrup.

  6. I just tried to post a couple of JobSpotter hiring signs from mom and pops store and to my disappointment I didn’t get a lot out of it. Got about thirty cents altogether. When I started doing it last year that would have been close to a dollar for each. So I may need to delete the app, not worth it anymore unfortunately.

  7. Those black bean and sweet potato tacos sound like a great meatless meal option: something I really should be working into our diets more.

    Thanks for the helpful tips, Penny. I find myself coasting on the income front (my salary seems similarly predictable as of late, with the same raises and bonuses each year). Maybe it’s time to try to do a little extra. 🙂

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