1. Oh my gosh, I love Poshmark! It’s still relatively new to Canada so I haven’t noticed the same kind of fatigue as you on the platform. The number one thing that will keep me on Poshmark longer than other re-selling sites is that they deal with the shipping for you. Because of where I live, and the massive country I find myself in, shipping used to make a not insignificant dent in my profit on other sites like eBay or Depop. Good luck to your poshing in the future! (That’s what they call it right?)

    • Yes! Poshmark makes shipping incredibly easy, and I LOVE IT!

      I do think that in another month or two, things will get moving again on the platform. But it is dramatically different than it used to be here. Not necessarily in a bad way, though. That first post I write gets 50-100 hits a day, though, and you can feel the desperation in some people. I want to keep saying, “Patience, grasshopper!” 😀

  2. Margie Webb

    Omg… I think the way it has changed is allowing to sell ALL items now! In the beginning it felt like it was elite for just us women & some of the clothes look like trash.. just saying. But for the most part, I really enjoy listing due to the fact of ease & simple way that the “whole” process of it is. When starting out I didn’t want to buy anything but now that I’m curious how others package due to what I want to receive when buying and I gotta say that I’ve been REALLY disappointed!!! I would have liked to receive a “thank you” card. Can’t even get that anymore.

    • I really agree, Margie. There are just SO MANY things for sale on the app now. It definitely means it’s important to be patient.

      I’ve just recently started to buy a bit. I’ve had a lot of luck with good prices on toddler clothes, so I’m very happy about that!

    • Malissa Kirby

      When you buy something from Walmart they don’t say thank you btw.


  3. I like using Poshmark, but glad I don’t have to depend on it. There are definitely sales slumps. It really helped me downsize my closet over the last couple of years, providing extra cash for travel. I’m sticking with it for now.

  4. I’ve never sold anything on Poshmark, though I have sold on ebay, but I feel like it rarely ends up being worth my time and effort. I wear a lot of hand-me-downs and thrift store finds and by the time I am getting rid of something, it’s scarcely worthy of donation, let alone selling. But that’s awesome you’ve been able to make so much. Even if you don’t make as much, anything that helps you declutter while earning a little extra must be nice! And I love the idea of something getting used instead of possibly ending up in a landfill.

  5. Chuck

    My sales took a serious nose dive after Poshmark raised their shipping rate. I also think that once they added Home goods it hurt the app too. Very sad =(

      • Carol Reis

        I have to admit that being relatively new to Poshmark, that HIGH shipping rate has been the deal breaker for me!! I typically go to EBay to find the same item and HAVE been successful a couple of times at finding the very same item only with free shipping – which deal would you take?

  6. Debbie

    I bought a pair of Birkinstock sandals the other week and they came in the package ina cute little tote bag and with a knit beanie cap added in! No note though. But I’ve gotten candy, a headband, a little B&BW hand sanitizer…all kinds of little gifts and sweet notes in great wrapping. Makes me a little intimidated about how to do packaging.

    • That’s really cute! I usually just use tissue and write out a thank you card. I figure the best thing I can do as a seller is overcommunicate, so that’s my main focus.

  7. Teresa

    I just started selling on Poshmark and I thought the premise was simple compared to say Etsy. I’m doing it to declutter my closet so I’m not overly concerned about timing. Other sellers have been very helpful so I have a sense of neighborhood.

    • Yup! This is my exact strategy too. I would take a totally different approach if I was looking to make a business out of it. Just want the clutter out of my closet and not in the landfill!

  8. Yolanda Zamora

    My CLOSET was deleted over 2 weeks ago, for no reason. I sent numerous messages to poshmark and received numerous generic messages.
    What would you do?

  9. Patti

    My daughter’s first experience with Poshmark was her last. After posting several items, her first potential sale ended up coming from a scammer who was relentless to the point that we are still considering involving the Police for several crimes committed by these scammers.

    Needless to say, she deleted her account immediately.

    Unfortunately, her experience was not a good one.

  10. Shawn

    I’m not a seller however I tried to purchase a $200 pair of Jordans and they never sent them and I chose to be refunded. I have since then tried to be purchase another pair and have still not got a response from the seller. That’s my experience with Postmark thus far. Just saying and I know that’s not sympathetic to your view.

    • Oh, I certainly don’t have a “side” when it comes to Posh. Lately, I buy more than I sell. Even as a seller, I value buyer protections. I would never ever want to mislead someone. And I know the USPS is another headache entirely right now!

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