Why I’m Fine with Failing a No Spend Month

As I sit here starring at a gas station Diet Coke on my desk, it shouldn’t surprise me that I’m about to type this. I don’t do No Spend Months. In fact, I rarely participate in No Spend Challenges. But–I thought long and hard about doing one in the month of January. And now it’s … [Read more…]

5 Money Lessons My Newly-Minted Five Year Old Knows

We just celebrated our son’s fifth birthday–a whole hand! While we are just getting the ball rolling on many financial things, like a formal weekly allowance, there are a few big money lessons he’s already learned. Money is for Spending and Saving I have to be honest! We were a little worried about this first … [Read more…]

I’m 36 and We’re Mortgage Free!

No sense in burying the lede: A few days before my 36th birthday, our lender cleared our mortgage payoff check! The longer post recapping the why and the how will happen at some point, but for now, I simply want to celebrate. Not just what we did, but how far we’ve come. How Far We’ve … [Read more…]

Free & Frugal Toddler Fun: The Winter Edition

The weather hasn’t exactly been cooperative. Normally by this time, we’ve seen several snowfalls. This year? We’ve had one dusting that lasted maybe an hour before snowfall turned to rain and snow turned to slush. Layer on the pandemic and COVID restrictions, and it’s easy to see why any family would feel like they have … [Read more…]