6 Ways We Are Trying to Help With Our Dollars (+ a Giveaway!)

6 Ways to Help COVID 19 Community

When things first started to go sideways, I realized I needed small tasks that could give me a sense of accomplishment and a renewed sense of security. Then, I wanted to extend my consideration to the community. There are plenty of ways to support our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic that don’t cost a dime. … [Read more…]

If Personal Finance Feels Like Punishment, You’re Doing it Wrong

Personal Finance isn't Punishment

If personal finance feels like punishment, you’re doing it wrong. Ask me how I know. Better yet, let me tell you. As someone who would compulsively and mindlessly spend hundreds of dollars a month on unnecessary items at the mall and then rack up another hundred dollars each weekend at different bars, I know a … [Read more…]