1. Awesome! I love how you described saving as not just good for saving, but also as an antidote for spending. Ugh. My description of what you wrote was so much worse than what you wrote. I love your enthusiasm for saving (every penny *wink*) and family stories.

    I also liked your stories about earning this week. I’ve decided to start my own side hustle. It’s definitely challenging me in a lot of ways and like hearing real stories (not “I made 6 figures drop shipping things on Amazon last month”). Thank you!

  2. I loved reading your material! I can relate on so many levels and you have me some great motivation! Its easier to work toward goals when you know someone is working toward very similiar goals.

  3. I spent all last week for a whole OTHER giving initiative (a private one I’m managing for a family member) so it’s both ticking my occasional need to “acquire” without actually having to add anything to our home, and counterproductively priming the pump for my wanting things.

    So far I’ve done pretty well doing the former and trying to use that to trick myself into feeling like the latter urge has been satisfied too. It won’t always work, so I have to be very cognizant of corralling my spending in the former category and not letting it influence my personal spending. It’s a very strange balance!

    I’m also working on boxing up things to move them on to their new homes with other folks and using that to push my mentality of MAKING space instead of FILLING space. Here’s to another week of doing that well.

  4. Great post, as always. I can relate to you in so many ways.

    Like you, I struggle with constantly wanting to buy more for my child because he is really starting to enjoy novel items, novel foods, and unique experiences. I take him to the library weekly as well, but it has also sunken in that I want to make more money – for him and for myself:) I have always prioritized saving over spending, but a child has been my first light bulb towards consciously wanting to earn more. Not for petty stuff either, but to buy experiences, vacations, etc.

    I’m not sure how to navigate this yet, but I like learning from other bloggers in a similar situation. I might say “yes” to the extra of teaching summer school this year… we’ll see!

  5. Awesome ideas for some extra savings! I, too, love to use roast veggie dishes as a way to avoid food waste. I’ll even toss in the weird vegetable parts that most people like to throw away (if you dice them up small, you can barely notice). One thing I’d like to get better at is checking out books from the library. It would be a massive cost savings for us, but it’s hard to always find the book we’re looking for, especially the newer ones. We saved money this week by opting out of V-day =)

  6. I love that he loves the outdoors 🙂 bless y’all for being outside even when its cold. And taking your savings to give a bigger gift to St Jude… such a Penny thing. I want to be you when I grow up. I did finally sign up for Ibotta through your link, so I have no doubt that bonus will go towards something worthwhile!

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