Three Things I’m Glad I Got Wrong About Minimalism

Nope, I don’t have 200 shoes again. Although if you’re not familiar with my journey, that’s where I started. I was raised by a nana who took her shoes seriously (she picked up pennies, too!), and I followed in her footsteps…a little too well! After my closet reached a literal breaking point, I realized that … [Read more…]

Stained Shirts and Other Ways I’ve Changed As a Consumer

I’ll just come right out and say it: I sent my kid to Pre-K with a stain on his shirt. Not just any stain, either. It’s a small gray spot of some kind of bother, and no matter how much I treat and soak, soak and treat, the spot is stuck. Why the story about … [Read more…]

How a $5 Sale On OfferUp Got Me to Declutter Again

What does $5 buy nowadays? It doesn’t cover my Starbucks order. It’s not going to get me very far in terms of gallons of gas. I can’t even buy a footlong at Subway. $5 doesn’t go far, so why would I bother with a $5 sale on OfferUp? It turns out that like most things … [Read more…]