1. I guess my big money win is being able to take advantage of every 40% off coupon that CVS sends me in an email. It’s usually about two a month and tends to coincide with when I need something (contact lens solution, lotion, etc.) I take the money saved and put it into the saved savings account, which goes against my mortgage. Every little bit helps, right?

    Of course, this last time I forgot to check the pantry and found out upon coming home that I’d already bought lotion with a previous 40% off coupon (oops). But it’s the desert, so both bottles will get used up within the next four months (or less). So it’s still a frugal win.

  2. What great money wins! While all are winners in my book, I’m especially jealous of Chris’s story! I can only dream of the day that we are done paying for daycare (yup, teacher-mom to four kiddos here!).

    We once tallied up how much we will have paid once our youngest is done, and it’s more than what we paid for our house!

    If you have someone providing you with free or reduced childcare, count your blessings!

    Meanwhile, we’ll just keep trying to find ways to save money and increase our incomes to make up for all that money spent on daycare!

    Congrats to all of you, but especially Chris. I feel you buddy!

    • Yup. It’s a huge blessing for us the pay less in childcare this year. I know next year, we are looking at between $1500-$2000 a month. Super excited for Chris and his family. How awesome to take that money and put it to really good future use.

  3. Beautiful – have never thought of the eBay hack myself. Thanks for Jim and Penny to highlight this often missed out opportunity. It’s not only better for the wallet but also for the environment as it helps reduce waste and throwing away stuff that might still be of value to others. Love it, thanks!

  4. Great suggestion about eBay. I’m trying really hard to not be so wasteful and to recycle but I often don’t think about trying to sell stuff I’m about to drop into my recycling center.

    I suppose I automatically sift the things I might sell though my “who the heck would want that” filter!

    It appears though that people might buy anything… even faulty electronic stuff that they can use parts from.

    I like to think I’m smart… but sometimes I miss the obvious!

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