1. This is a wonderful idea and one that could spawn excitement across the community. I love the sharing idea. My money win is in not eating lunch. I’ve taken to intermittent fasting and on days I don’t eat out I put $10 into my M1 Finance account. It feels like a real win.

    I’m really interested to see where this idea goes.

  2. Ty Roberts

    Love celebrating wins! And in the spirit of making the most out of a bad situation I’m also a fan of learning from our Money mistakes so that we can quit repeating them.

  3. I’m very excited about your money wins for you, haha, especially the free stamps! There really is something exciting about reusing postage.

    Jody’s story especially stood out to me. I’m really interested in investing, etc, but I’m one of those people who would need someone to walk them through it. (I try to read about it, but my eyes end up glazing over, and then I worry that I wouldn’t understand it correctly anyway since finance has never been my forte.) I’m trying to get my feet back under me after moving to a new apartment + being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (literally within 2 weeks of the move) did a serious number on my wallet, but once I do I think I’d like to start looking into sorting out investments, etc.

  4. I love the idea of those little extra payments toward the mortgage! I know I find that surprisingly effective for savings (alas my bank is not set up to make this easy to apply towards mortgage loans).

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