1. After reading that they bought a house for $5K….. I couldn’t re-reading like 3 times to make sure i was reading what i thought i was…

    That is amazing. I don’t know how anyone else can top that lol

    And congrats on getting the fees waived SPUP, does that mean you keep the never having paid late fees streak going? Technically if they got waived, did they ever even really exist

    • YES! I’m going to call it a win, TJ, and say the streak continues. Though maybe there is a small asterisk by it.

      And isn’t that house story amazing? I couldn’t stop reading her blog after she shared her story with me!

    • You did, in fact, read that correctly! The house was 5k, purchased private sale from a family friend. It’s a small, 700 sqft house with 1 bedroom occupying a “lot and a half” and valued at 7k – 10k (which does mean we’ll never recoup the cost of renovations)… It was uninhabitable with a collapsed sewage line and in desperate need of renovations when we bought it, and the lady needed the funds for her cancer treatment at the time, which was why it was actually sold so low.

  2. I’m loving this series! And I hear you on feeling like a late fee should be penance when you screw up so rarely, but good for you for pushing through that and getting it reversed. Everyone makes mistakes, and we shouldn’t be penalized for that (as long as it isn’t a regular thing, of course).

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