1. Jo-Anne

    This has to be one of my favorite reads each week. It doesnt always have to be huge to be a money win and kudos to you for the extra $1.27 to make sure a student can get councelling.

  2. Thanks for the feature Penny! That spare change your donating may help you prevent getting your soda fix. I’ve cut down heavily on soda and mainly drink water, sports drink after a run and milk(for my cereal).

  3. Michele

    This was an exciting money win.. when my husband stopped to get gas, he bought a scratch-off and won $800!! Woohoo. Into the savings account it went.

    Our savings account took a bit of hit in December – we contributed $3000 to a car purchase for my son (2005 honda civic with only 65,000 miles – literally an old lady’s car).. and (sadly) we contributed $3,500 to help with a family member’s cremation expenses. 🙁 There’s a reason I was glad for an emergency fund.

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