1. Thank you so much for creating this series, Penny. It is my new favorite thing about Friday mornings!! I am honored to be included this week! Hooray for every money win ?

  2. All of these money wins are great, but I’m particularly impressed by the $76K Project’s credit card payoff! That’s a huge amount of money, and a huge amount of interest saved.

  3. Karen

    Yes, we teachers get incredibly, repeat, incredibly jazzed by a free lunch!! Also, free stuff for classroom and oh yeah, gift cards, we are crazy happy about gift cards!
    Love this series Penny! Josh’s quote “Give this money a mission” is how I operate and has made our daughter’s college education debt free. Every dollar has a purpose, every windfall is like a boost to gaining ground. The secret to a windfall, rare or not, or a increase in income/side gig etc. is to be grateful then put it towards your mission–be it debt paydown, emergency fund, retirement.

    • Your two-step process is amazing, Karen! I love the idea of being grateful and THEN making your money work for you. Wow, wow, wow. I am on this!

  4. There is book in this, Penny. Something like “The 100 Best Money Saving Ideas to Help You Retire Early” or something like that. Pick the most interesting submissions, package them with commentary based on your experience and the experience of your readers, and get it out there. Either regular publisher, or Amazon self publish. Either way, I think this is something that would interest people.

    Love the series. Keep it up.

    • You flatter me so! I love this idea! It makes me so happy to be able to cheer on other people (and hopefully send a click or two their way!).

  5. Yyaaaaas!! Love all of these wins! I’ve always wanted to start a price book for groceries, but I’m way too lazy. I salute the folks that are able to do that! I’d love to see a post detailing the breakdown of the cost difference when shopping for specific items at certain stores.

    • I hear you. One time, I actually thought about just recording everything as I walked up and down Aldi (thank goodness there are only four or five aisles). Maybe I should slap a GoPro on HP’s head 😉

      It does seem overwhelming to create a price book. I always used to call my nana for things like paper towels and TP. It was amazing to me how she knew the “good sale” prices for each item and brand!

    • The cheaper grocery store in our area actually has an app! I use it to check prices sometimes or just to figure out what aisle something is on. I’ve figured out, for example, that a half gallon of milk is the same price at both the cheaper and the closer-fancier grocery store, so I don’t feel so bad buying milk from the closer grocery store anymore! I also use instacart to check prices/availability of the other grocery stores. I tried to create an entire price book one time. It was too overwhelming.

  6. Thank you so much Penny for including my story! I love small money wins. No matter how much money or income we have, I will always notice the small wins and budget for the small things. It’s just who I am! The small things really give you a small sense of control over your day to day life when so much of it feels out of control. This series is awesome and thanks for sharing everyone’s stories!

  7. I love reading all these money wins, it not only provides a small celebration for the people involved but also the ones reading them. It can provide a positive affect on them and help create their own money wins.
    The 76K project’s story is really impressive! Paid off $25K in a year! Wow, it took me pay that same amount in 4 years for my student loans! Really great story, goes to show that when you have a plan and stick to it you can reach that goal.

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