1. Love seeing these again this week! Just wanted to suggest to Felicity that it may be worth downgrading the Chase Sapphire card (CSP, I imagine?) to a Chase Freedom or Freedom Unlimited. Each comes with no annual fee, and would keep the average age of credit growing older instead of closing a card at one year. CFU earns 1.5% cash back on everything, while Freedom has different categories each quarter that earn 5%!!!

  2. Pro tip: Starbucks also has “for here” mugs you can request when you forget your own. You don’t get the 10¢ savings, but you also don’t end up with a disposable cup 🙂

    Also – I’ve only finally started to learn that immediate transfer to savings thing. For way too long that “savings” just ended up evaporating into other purchases.

    • Agreed. Sometimes it’s because I wouldn’t buy it if it weren’t on sale. But if there’s something that I buy each week or each month regardless of price, I *should* bank the different like Erin, shouldn’t I?

      Thanks for the tip about the Starbucks mugs. I see a few people chatting over them when I pop in some mornings, and I think it’s so cozy looking to have a real mug!

  3. I also love the “how much you saved” line on my grocery store receipt! Makes it feel a little more worth it when it takes me 5+ minutes in the same isle to scour all the prices, figure out the actual price-per-unit, and finally decide if the purchase is necessary!


  4. I do the same thing that Erin did too at Costco. Whenever something like cereal goes on sale I stock up on it to take advantage of the sale price because I usually don’t buy at regular price. Recently they had Honey Bunches of Oats on sale and bought close to five boxes of them and know that it will last me a while. Definite Money Win!

  5. Small wins can compound quickly and over time, turn into large wins. That’s GE’s philosophy with their “continuous improvement” model. They aim to trim inefficiency out of their processes little by little each year with the incremental gains compounding and leading to meaningful improvement.

    Change has to start somewhere. Sometimes it’s large, but quite often it’s small. And it’s these changes that catch most off guard about the power they can deliver. Congrats to you all on your money moves!

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