1. Great stories. Mrs. Oldster and I had over $100k in student loan debt and also $100k in credit card debt at one point. Things were tight. We finally pulled our collective heads out of, well, you know where, and got moving in the right direction. It took 10 years, but we got out from under the pile of debt. During that time, we had a daughter, my wife stopped working, and we bought a house (the house took a few more years to pay off, but we did it). It was a combination of frugality (Mrs. Oldster became a big fan of The Tightwad Gazette and Jean Chatzky’s books on money), and my rising income. Bottom line is, when you are motivated to do something, even something big, and are dedicated to it, it will happen. It may take a decade or longer, but it will happen.

    • I am so bad at the patience part of money wins, Oldster. Thank you for the reminder that we really do just have to give things time, especially when the plan is set in motion!

  2. Next Cents Positive retreat at your house, Penny and retreat fees go to your mortgage?! Haha.

    I love all of these! The first $100k is totally the hardest. Last year, our investments gained $100k of growth, which is just incredible. And the rent emergency fund is so key! I’m sorry your job is up in the air, Kat, but a rent emergency fund is a great way to reduce some of that anxiety. And song royalties is so fun!

    • OH MY MONEY GODS, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Actually, I will just settle for people bringing stuff for smores 😉

      Isn’t the song royalty neat?! I think that’s one of the most creative passive income streams that I’ve heard of.

  3. Congratulations to all four of you on your money wins! I’m about ready to rack up some, myself–I’m seriously considering going on a shopping ban starting next month (I know, I know, but there are a few things I want to get first, and I like how clean the idea of starting on the first of the month feels) which should help.

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