1. I’m glad to see we’re not the only ones with piggy banks. Well done, Mr. Green. It’s such an easy way of saving and it adds up.

    Here’s a secret. During our financial moronity stage, Mr. Groovy couldn’t be bothered with collecting his change from a purchase. He’d leave it on the counter in a store. Now he comes begging me for the loose change in my purse.

    Great idea featuring these stories, Penny. I have some catching up to do.

  2. Yay Jill for finding a platform to share your win and for already maxing out your pension contributions! Yay Veronika for building a nice stash while killing your debt! Yay Mr. Green for reminding me of my deceased grandfather, who also saved his daily change (and allowed me to roll it up!)
    Congratulations to all 3 of you; welcome to the club ?

  3. Caroline

    Great to see people picking up the rest of that free money buying discounted company stock, it’s a zero risk guaranteed return. But for anyone doing this, make sure you add a to-do to your annual list to rebalance your holdings each year to make sure your company stock stays a reasonably small part of your overall assets so that you don’t risk losing your job *and *your savings (*and*, if you have one, your pension!) if the business starts going sideways.

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