1. One Frugal Girl’s money win reminded me of something from years ago: The amusement park in Minnesota (Valleyfair) offers a discount on admission tickets for groups. I was with 4 other people but you need at least 15. One of the people I was with was able to round up enough people by the gate to form a group and we got the discount! I thought he was crazy at the time but it actually worked.

  2. Michele

    I have some fun news to share here on the Blog. Today, I PAID OFF MY MORTGAGE!! A dream I have wanted my whole life! Just prior to my 55th birthday in August. And here is my thought for everyone.. Don’t think you “can’t” do it. My husband and I didn’t any inherit any money nor did we go to college. All it takes is hard work. So you can do it too! (not to be braggatory, but the house is worth $500,000 – hence why it sounds like it took so long, lol. We just kept taking the equity in each of our homes and moving up in value. But I am SO happy this monkey is OFF MY BACK. Have a great weekend my friends!

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