1. Thanks for including my win, Penny! I have continued to “succeed” in self-employment, and I am really excited that last month I made a decent chunk *more* than my expenses 🙂

    Having the mortgage paid off by 40 is huge! That will be such an amazing feat.

  2. Wow! Congrats to all four of you for the money wins. Way to start off the year! I will definitely not have my mortgage paid in six months for my fortieth. Congrats to you—amazing job Penny!!

  3. Leigh

    Oh gosh I’m loving watching your mortgage get smaller, Penny! We have the same mortgage payoff goal – by 40.

    Congrats to Laura and Kudy on feeling some confidence in their self-employment plans!

  4. Jo Anne

    Congrats to all!!! I still love these “tiny” money wins that are sometimes not so tiny!! They definitely help keep me motivated to pay off debt and continue saving!

  5. I love reading these money wins. These stories always remind of when I made my last student loan payment. That was the last time I was ever in debt which was almost seven years ago. Feels great not to owe any debt to anyone….this is until we buy a home and have a mortgage. Hopefully this is the year we finally have a home to ourselves.
    Thanks as always Penny for having these money wins stories!!

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