1. Emily

    Thank you for your “final thoughts” paragraph. It really resonated with me in my goal towards decluttering my house. There’s still a long way to go, but if I stop to think about it, I realize I have already made a lot of progress.

    Also, I learned about Poshmark from reading your blog. After cleaning out my clothes a la Marie Kondo, I realized I didn’t like much of my clothing. Poshmark is a cheaper and more Earth-friendly way to replace the stuff I didn’t like than buying new stuff. I know you use it mostly for selling, but if you are going to shop, it’s a good way to do it.

  2. Jo-Anne

    Well done to everyone on their money wins!! Including yourself. I’ve managed to knock off 2 whole years from my mortgage just by putting 1/2 my yearly raises towards the mortgage! I love seeing these money wins they are so motivational.

  3. I’m now committed to paying off my mortgage within the next decade. I think I can do it without too much of a stretch, especially if I can keep my guest house rented out since I can throw that money in each month. Depending on how things go, I could pay it off in as little as (just over) 5 years, which would be pretty exciting (if still something that feels awfully far away).

  4. We go back and forth on the mortgage payoff. We paid off our first house and it felt great! For like two years…then we leveraged up again.

    Now that we have a bigger mortgage, we feel like maybe we should pay it off.

    As you said, it’s more than just a math problem. And since our feelings change over time, our strategies unfortunately do, too.

    Shaving ten years off is a big money win already and I think that’s rad. You must be getting close to the point where more of the payment goes to principle, right?

  5. spiffi

    I <3 my mortgage spreadsheet. I have one tab that shows the original 30 year term – and every month I put in what my actual (bigger) payment is – and the end date moves closer and closer.

    My original payoff date was March 2043 – I would have been 68 years old when I finally paid off my mortgage!

    My current date – if I did nothing but pay the required amount from now forward is – 7/2023 – nearly 20 years shaved off already!

    But if I continue my planned payments, I will be done somewhere around 9/20 – it's not only the 23 years that I will have taken off my mortgage, but the nearly 80,000$ in interest that I will NOT be paying to the bank!

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