• Any and all wins are welcome! Usually I’m over the moon excited about finding spare change, but I figure I can only write about that so much!

  1. I’ve always enjoyed this series because they are quick inspiring reminders of all the different steps we can take. So great to be featured!

    • There are so many different ways that people can be good with money. I love that about this series, too! You don’t have to wait to cross the finish line to celebrate.

      Also, thanks for making me want to sell my house 😉

  2. Just here to say how happy (and jealous) I am of EducatorFI! He is rocking it with that house move. I’m learning so much from his posts! And Financial Pilgrimage going to LA for less than $2000 is kind of blowing my mind. Alberto and Hailey W. are nice to learn about too. There are so many money saving tricks to learn from this community.

    As someone about to dump a ton of money into our roof over the next week, I’m kind of feeling like a home-owning sucker…. no money wins lately. Maybe someday soon – ha.

    Congrats on being in The Globe and Mail btw. That’s awesome!

  3. Congrats on getting Christmas paid for in July: I wish we planned ahead like that!

    Good on Ecuador FI for downsizing & cutting their housing costs in half, for Financial Pilgrimage getting a pretty affordable trip with the family, for Alberto paying down that mortgage, and for Hailey knocking out that PMI.

    Lots of housing wins!

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