1. Hooray for money wins on a Monday morning! Turns out, they’re both a good way to end the week (when they used to be Friday mornings) and a great way to start one!

  2. Congrats on kicking Diet Coke to the curb. Do you have any tricks for squashing the diet coke addiction? I drink one regular Coke every morning. This started after my second was born (I was just so darn tired) and despite trying I cannot kick the habit. Sometimes I drink it after I get home from the gym, which feels so awful after working so hard to maintain my strength and weight!

  3. I guess I got lucky by never liking soda all that much. Still, I can appreciate just how tough it must have been (having watched friends go through caffeine withdrawal). So kudos!

    These money wins are excellent. It’s especially inspiring that a non-high income earner was able to accrue that much wealth.

  4. A small win carries us a long way toward the next win. I wish I would have recorded all the wins I had that kept me going over the years. I’ll bet most of us could find one very small win every day if we took the time to notice and appreciate.

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