1. But DId yOU gEt HeARtbURn THe nEXt dAy???

    This is such a great goal for 2021. Mrs. Gov and I are pretty good about not wasting food. In fact, I’ve eaten things I’ve put in the fridge/freezer labeled “parsnip soup, <>”.

    The kids are another story. We are like a broken record about them always being able to have seconds, but they’re getting bigger and wanting to portion out their own food (which I always know is going to end badly). Often we’ll have a pleasant side with a meal they don’t like and they know that they don’t get seconds on the side unless they finish their main dish. So they’ll ask for a second bowl of soup just to get a slice of bread and then not eat the soup.

    Writing this comment just made my blood boil.

    Teach me your ways! I’m so tired of food waste arguments in my house.

  2. I like the food waste focus. We are mindful bur still end up tossing way too much food. We are pretty good at using up old ingredients for soups, etc.. Maybe you can also share recipe ideas that reduce food waste?

  3. Jessica

    I would love to read more posts about your efforts on food waste! I’ve been trying to work on this too. It’s been so exciting to figure out new ways to reduce food waste (my favorite has been freezing veggie scraps to make broth!)

  4. We no longer have chickens, so food waste is more of an issue now. I’ve been lazy about walking down the yard to the compost in winter and wound up using the insinkerator way too much (overworking it, to be honest).

    Thankful for the dogs, who help with the crumbs from toddler meals…

  5. Becca

    Hello, I live in England and we have this great food sharing app called Olio. I have seen listings as unlkely as “3 eggs” or “half a head of celery” get collected! Some supermarkets and restaurants also use Olio to distribute unsold food at the end of the day (apparently charities collect first, then Olio.) I just spring cleaned my cupboards and gave away 50+ food items (some opened, some past best before), and on their non-food section I have given away 200+ items ranging from kids clothes to toiletries. It’s an amazing way to reduce waste of all types!

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