1. I memorized all the Bible verses in Sunday School so that I could get the erasers/stickers, etc, so I think we have that in common. As an adult, something as simple as checking off a box feels like a reward for me! It makes me unreasonably happy to mark off my workouts in my HabitShare app even though that’s not exactly a reward…it just somehow feels fulfilling.

  2. Oh man, a quarter of the year has already passed?! I come to realize that the first half of the year passes by really fast then it slows down the second part of the year. Maybe it’s because they’re fewer days the first six months and with all the holidays in the latter part of the year makes it slow.
    I just went to DSW this past weekend and donated some shoes thanks to your post a month or so ago. I still have more shoes to donate so I’ll stop by there a few more times. It feels really good to donate especially for items that someone else may really need and we are more than willing to help out.

  3. Karen

    Work has been so very intense that my goals for fitness are falling to the wayside. Financially we took a hit from unexpected repairs (house and car) but picked ourselves up and still managed to stay on the path to financial Independence. I am happy to start this new quarter! Glad you are rockin’ it!

  4. “We aren’t doing everything we can, but we are doing more.” I so appreciate reading this quote. I feel the same way. We’re trying to balance our personal finances with our need to give more. We’re increasing every year, but always feel like we should sacrifice more given what the families we serve face. Our gifts tend to be larger one time donations – I like your idea of giving something monthly. Maybe that’s how we’ll continue to increase.

  5. January was no good. I had bills from one-off expenses that added up. But February was decent, and March rocked. I didn’t set any real personal goals for myself. I suppose “work out consistently” was one in a vague way. I’m doing well on that.

    And I’m working (unsuccessfully) on getting out to more Meetup events to make a wider circle of friends/fill up the hours now that it’s just me. Because currently it’s mainly me sitting at home (both during the day while I work and at night while I’m twiddling my thumbs aka watching Netflix).

    The problem is that things keep coming up so that I have to skip the event. The only one I routinely make is for this guy who throws house parties every two weeks. While that’s definitely my goal of socializing, I’d like to do some stuff during the week too.

    I’m going to try to be better about sticking to events I RSVP for this quarter. Crap, now I’ve made a resolution and have to stick to it. Sigh.

  6. Tre

    Great start to the year (which is going by way too quickly)! I did reduce my work hours, which may seem like a weird goal but I tend to overcommit myself. I’m doing my workouts most days.

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