1. I find ‘The Year of Me’ a very good idea! Like they say, you can’t help others until you ‘put the oxygen mask on yourself’.

    My husband and I are crawling out of debt after a string of unemployments (yes, multiple ones). I earn tip money at my job, and after looking at my paycheck discovered that I made over $3000 in tips last year! What did I spend it on? I honestly don’t know. So this year I’m going to save 70% of my tips to put toward debt and keep 30% for things I want/gifts/grabbing a quick bite to eat once in a while. Small steps that should net big results!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Jo-Anne

    I hope you have nothing but success on all your goals. And there is nothing wrong with the year of “you”.

    I had a lovely huge vet bill happen early December (its a good thing I love my dog!) so my goal is to pay that sucker off before year end. I had to finance it over 3 years and already have one year paid off. Then its on to the next debt!!!

    I will also be finishing my last required course and getting my designation (with a healthy pay bump) which will make paying off debt hopefully easier!! So my goal once school is done is to take some much needed relaxation time and maybe some extra naps and walks with the now (mostly) healthy pooch!

    Happy new year!

  3. I love the idea of focusing on one quarter at a time. The year is so long and so much can change, that revisiting your goals each quarter sounds like a really wise plan.

    You’re in that stage of life where you can get completely lost in motherhood, the daily grind, and work. I think focusing on yourself is, in some ways, selfless, because it means you’ll have more to give your family. I have fallen down the rabbit hole of sadness and depression, and that was really bad news for my family.

    I’m still finishing up my own 2019 goals. I wrote some, then thought, “these are bad and pointless,” so now I’ve got to kind of rethink my whole approach to the year. What’s really important? I agree that health is waaaay up there.

    Here’s to a successful Q1 Penny!!

  4. Happy 2019, Penny! I love the “year of me” focus and the idea of quarterly goals. I’m behind on figuring out goals for 2019 and have been thinking about continuing my monthly experiments/goals but I also like the idea of having longer-term things to actually focus on over time. So perhaps I’ll do quarterly goals!

  5. I love this. In the continuous pursuit of always being better, we can lose ourselves. A couple times a year, I have to take a step back and realize I am running a marathon not a sprint. It is really okay to pivot and focus on yourself. I hope you have the best year ever.

  6. Awesome goals! I miss my now-defunct and dead Fitbit. But I’m not buying one at this time. I exercise a lot with other motivations, so it’s just a shiny, fun toy for me. And toys can wait until I’ve met other goals.

    I love the idea of spending time on yourself, though. I think that’s what my meditation goal is really all about this year. I hope you find fun ways to meet your needs!

  7. Hey I like your goals set quarterly, haven’t heard of anyone doing that before. I’ve heard of yearly and 6 month goals but quarterly sounds like a nice way to get goals done.
    My quarterly goal is to get BwC potty trained. Having him only in overnight diapers is fine as along as he goes to the potty during the day. We are planning to have him attend preschool by this fall and require him to be fully potty trained. So getting him mainly potty trained by the end of this first quarter of the year would be fantastic.

  8. Nothing wrong with a year of you! Sort of made me think of a part in a book I read – the idea of protecting the asset. It was talking specifically about sleep, but I think it could apply more broadly to the idea of spending all your time trying to be everything to everyone.

    Coming into the new year, I picked a few focus areas to work on. Apart from finances, I also want to 2019 to be a year of spiritual growth, with progress on some creative endeavours (the blog, writing). I also want to work on my French! I can’t speak it or write it, but I am working on my reading and would like to continue that.

  9. We have similar ideas when it comes to “Year of me,” that’s what I have in mind when setting my yearly goals too.

    I missed like over 50 days wearing my Fitbit. I mean, who would wear one when they’re in Hawaii and going in and out of the water all the time? I also don’t wear it at night, probably because tracking my sleep is too depressing. 🙂

    This year, I decided to share my goals on my blog and provide updates regularly. Just haven’t figured out if I want to do quarterly or monthly updates.

  10. Pamela Gray

    I like the idea of quarterly goals, I think I’ll try that myself this year! For some reason, I have been pondering your nana’s sweater- maybe you can turn it into a pillow or a stuffie for your ‘29 lb sleeplessness.’ Lol

  11. Hannah

    Your plan sounds great and I always like your specific goals around environmental impact. This quarter 2 of my goals are small and one is big. Small: stop using paper towels and napkins, and continue to declutter. Big: taking some real steps towards (re)building my career. I’ve been a stay at home mom for over a year and want to make the beginning of this year serious about finding part time work.

  12. I find the idea of tracking quarterly goals quite inspiring. For now I still write down only annual goals though I try and chunk then down into quarters.

    I think the Year of Me is so important. It’s easy to forget the individualistic aspect of our lives, but it finally feeds the most into our happiness.

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