1. At the beginning of the year, I was trying to figure out my “why” and by summer I had given up on the answer. Honestly… I really needed this post today!

  2. Mine always comes down to my family. I’m still struggling a bit with how to use *my unique gifts* (ordering people around? my love of travel?) to craft a beautiful why that will help me serve humankind in some way (hardy hat). But lately, through my struggles with purpose, I’m leaning on that Mother Teresa quote more, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

  3. My why for the blog is to help other people from my experience (which doesn’t stop me from obsessively watching my stats). My why for financial responsibility is to have security for myself and my family when something goes wrong. But my why for life could use a little work. Great post today.

    • Thank you, Gary! I always appreciate your feedback. I think another why, if I may be so bold, to add to you and blogging is to build community. I am always so impressed with how much time you give to other blogs and bloggers. I don’t say it enough. Thank you!

  4. I recently decided I should make a deal with myself to have to post to Pinterest every time I check my metrics. Since I hate posting to Pinterest I figured this would be a good deterrent. ?Great reminder to keep the focus on what really matters to you.

    • HA! Oh, Pinterest. I created an account and dropped it real fast. I think figuring out why I blog and what I want from it has been helpful. I imagine the why is dramatically different for everyone.

  5. Kim Domingue

    Wow. Your post really brought me up short….as in mouth agape, brow furrowed, glazed eyes as your question tumbled about in my brain searching for an answer. Why was/is my why? It was making my head ache until it hit me…..the answer was so simple. My why was someone to share my life and love with, to build a home and a family with, to raise children who were always secure in the fact that they were wanted and loved. It’s still my why.

  6. When I read this yesterday, I refrained from commenting because I was afraid to post my answer of “IDK”. I don’t have a wife or kids, and I don’t work a job I LOVE that I feel like helps people everyday. But I am loath to do anything to change these circumstances, as I deal with the Ultimate Imposter Syndrome of not knowing who I am and my why. Paralyzed.

    • It is so fascinating (and if I’m being frank, frustrating) to watch you type and say this over and over again. You are one of the most remarkable humans. Not just online but in person. I know we only chatted for a few days in person, but that time coupled with all of the years online…I am better for that time, Josh. And I know so many, many people feel that way too. <3

  7. Jo-Anne

    This one also stopped me in my tracks. I know I am pursuing FI so that I have more options. And I’m pretty sure I am going to be the one who (unfortunately?!) has to pony up for the parents if and when the can no longer work as they have not been the most dilagent in their own retirement planning. But I don’t know otherwise what my “why” is. So you have left me with some pondering to do, so thanks for that. I can say I’ve been so focused on finishing my schooling and getting my designation cuz it will lead to a much healthier paycheque (Canadian we spell it funny I know!), but I should start thinking about what I want to do with my time once this gigantic time suck is finished.

    • I think by funny you actually mean properly?! 😉

      I agree that it’s wise to start thinking about your time. Congrats on getting closer!

      (And if you couldn’t tell, you’re totally one of those readers who makes me feel like I have a real purpose here!)

  8. thank you so much for posting this, I really needed to read this. As a new blogger, I’ve fallen into the trap of obsessively checking my analytics, as if it the numbers will tell me some secret that was hidden deep within my soul. but you are right, those metrics don’t matter. It’s meeting amazing people, engaging with an uplifting and inspiring community, inspiring or resonating with at least one person, letting at least one person know they are not alone in navigating this crazy world of personal finance – I think that is part of my why, but I’m still figuring it out. Thank you for sharing your why, and inspiring me to keep thinking about mine 🙂

    • Hey, AK! I’m swinging by your site. If you need traffic metrics for brand partnerships, go for it. But know two things: you don’t have to want brand partnerships to be a KA blogger aaaaaand you can land sponsorships without tons of traffic. You do you!

  9. This! I have watched my blog stats boom (when the NYT picked it up) and bust (most of the rest of the time). Watching it was fun but obsessing was not so much.

    At the end of the day, the reason I, like you, have not monetized and why I, unlike you, don’t even write on a schedule is because blogging is fun for me, and because I know it has helped a few people in my life, even if it’s just my IRL friends reading the blog. And it’s honestly enough for me.

    Your blog makes me happy, and so I am glad you measure yours with the metrics that I think matter more, too. :p

  10. Just clicked over from Angela’s roundup. I think you’re truly chasing happiness and more bloggers should seek to be more like you :). This makes me feel like a sellout every time I optimize for SEO or make a Pinterest pin lol.

  11. Whymances

    Great post! I’ve been struggling with this as well. I stopped posting regularly from this struggle. I’m not looking to monetize the blog, the page view numbers are low, and quite honestly, there are a ton of finance blogs out there.

    So I wondered, am I just adding to the white noise without anything remarkable or worthwhile? Still trying to find my way out of this.. Perhaps changed perspective is all that’s needed

    • Yup. I think changing your perspective is key. At least it is for me. I really want to connect with the readers that I do I have, so I tell my story for myself and for them. Anything extra that happens is just gravy. It requires A LOT of effort on my part to ignore the conversations about other metrics, though.

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