1. I’m not fond of either weather either, but going outside seems to make the day better.

    I’ve never done “no spend days” intentionally, but they happen on days we stay home.

    As for kids, they save me money by keeping me home more! Going shopping with 3 littles can be painful, so it usually only happens out of necessity instead of need.

  2. I’m not big on the idea of a no-spend challenge because it seems to me you are mostly just pushing off the spending to another day/week/etc. That being said, if it opens your eyes to free ways to spend your time (or even just reminds you), there’s some good value in that. It sounds like your no-spend holiday weekend was a success, and I’m impressed that you went outside (and brought your shovel!) for it.

  3. Okay, first, I think it’s awesome that y’all shoveled sidewalks for people! I hate snow, and everything about it, and loathe shoveling. I will love our neighbors forever for the times they helped me shovel our driveway when hubby was working a weird schedule and wasn’t home.

    We don’t officially do no-spend days or weekends. I tend to agree with Gary that is mostly just pushes the spending off to another day or week. However, we have been working on becoming more mindful of our spending. I love grocery shopping the way it sounds like you used to love clothes/shoe shopping. I know it’s weird, but the grocery store is my happy place. Add the B2G3 sales Harris Teeter does to that, and I lose my mind. I’ve been working really hard this year to kick that habit. I went to Aldi on Tuesday in anticipation of ice we were supposed to get yesterday to buy some dairy and produce, but other than that we’ve been working on just using up the stuff we have in the cabinets and chest freezer.

    We’ve also been working on trying to KonMari our house, which in addition to making us realize just how much stuff we have, also makes it harder to go out and spend money. You don’t really want to stock up on whatever the grocery store has on sale when you’ve spent your Sunday organizing way too many cans of tomatoes and cream of onion soup. I’m also hoping that by organizing the house and just getting things in better shape we’ll be more likely to stay home on more weekends, which seems to automatically lead to less spending.

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