1. Ooh, I’ll have to check this out. I’ve got a copy of benet’s reader’s encyclopedia that has collected dust for over a decade (closer to two decades) that’s probably worth a few dollars. Plus I’d love to go through a bookshelf and see what else might free up some space.

  2. Love this post! So useful! I have two books from grad school and I’m going to give selling them a try tomorrow. I bought both of them for around $90 and they’ve been sitting in the back of my mind (and closet) bugging me. I want to put money into my business, but I feel like the only way I can justify it is selling stuff. I’ll check out your Poshmark post too:)

    • It was quick. I was able to monitor my progress through my account. I did sell this during the heightened COVID restrictions, so everything was a bit slower. But I would say the fastest part was them processing it! I knew within a week for sure what I was getting via PayPal.

  3. Canaan Best

    I have hundreds of books. How many does it take to get to $20? I’m just trying to figure out what I’m looking at as far as return goes. Thank you for the article and in advance for your help!

    • It really depends on the item! I would suggest that you start by typing in maybe 5 ISBNs and see where you are at! It didn’t take very many for me. I was pleasantly surprised!

  4. Brandon

    Thanks for this post. I bought some books off Ebay and they all came with a receipt that had sellbackyourbooks.com on it. That’s how I came across this article. The Ebay store is called second.sale, 1059666. It sounds like this is the reseller potentially, or partner with this website at least. Pretty cool. Maybe I got your books 😉

  5. Jonette Marshall

    I ordered two books recently and it was stated they were in good condition. One of the books is so old and yellowed when turning pages they are coming out of the binding! It is a paperback book that should never had been resold! I’m just glad I didn’t spend a lot of money on this! I probably won’t reorder from them again

  6. Roonie

    They definitely give you far less than you bought the book for! It’s insulting! This book that cost me $80 —- they wanted to give me $1 for it!? No way!

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