1. I love your last takeaway, and that’s important for teachers to know, but also the rest of us! If you’re a working stiff paid hourly, whyyyy would you do any work for free on nights or weekends (and yes, checking your email counts)? Cut that out, as much as possible! Not only does it erode the boundaries you’ve set as an individual, but it sets an expectation for all of your coworkers, too.
    I almost didn’t read this one, since I’m not a teacher, but that one just kept getting better as it went along!
    I hope you’re able to enjoy some of these last few days of Summer!!

  2. Debbie

    my district interprets the language in my contract as stating that I have to make consecutive lane changes instead of a lane change.

    Could you please explain what that means? You need to make a lane change two years in a row? Not a teacher, so a bit clueless….

    • Thanks for asking, Debbie!

      A lane change would be a bit of a pay bump and they’re based on credit hours in my district. So 10, 20, etc. I’ve earned 36 for my Master’s, but they are only allowing me to move from 0 to 10, then 10 to 20, etc. They argue that because it doesn’t say non-consecutive in the language then they can interpret it as consecutive only.

      Clear as mud, I know!

  3. This is a great list! You know I absolutely agree that teachers should spend some time focusing on their own finances. It’s the only way to stay in it for the long term and (hopefully) avoid that end of career bitterness we’ve all cringed at.

    Also – bold move mentioning back to school in July. TFI rages if she sees those sales pop up in a store before August. I hope you’re enjoying the summer and still have lots of time for yourself planned!

  4. I love your advice, here! Teachers need to care for themselves and their finances. Setting boundaries for yourself and your time is one of the hardest things service professionals struggle with; we like to be there for our students, coworkers, communities, etc. It was life changing in my classroom when I realized students needed a happy, loving, receptive teacher more than they needed their papers returned “on time” with thorough comments.

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