1. My goals for July are to touch every part of my house… with paint! We need to get this baby on the market, but it’s hard to find contractors for a few of the smaller jobs. Our goals are to not screw up the DIY we’re being forced to do! And not freaking out about all the money we have to spend to do all the repairs/remodeling – when I am not getting paid anymore. That’s the biggest goal 🙂

  2. kddomingue

    Goals for July.
    1) Reduce the grocery budget to $175 a week (I’m struggling with this)
    2) Complete porch base and deck. (We recently had a 12 X 64 foot covered patio installed after having a cement pad poured. Gutters are being installed today. We’re adding a screened in, raised porch to one section of the patio.)
    3) Get the two foot wide bedding border around the patio done and the heirloom gardenia bush we rooted from a twig and the two plum purple fringe plants we picked up on clearance for $5 each in the ground.
    4) Build the temporary porch swing stand and get it and my swing up on the porch deck.
    5) Skirting on the patio side of the house.
    6) Declutter 31 items from the house.

  3. July Goal: Survive! Just kidding… though we do have quite a busy July coming up (family wedding nearby, friend wedding 8 hours away, visiting friends, etc). I think my big goal will be to keep up with being prepared and eating at home. It is so easy in the summer to head out to the beach…then hit lunch or dinner time and grab food out and about because of the convenience. So keep prepared and make lots of on the go food for our summer adventures!

    Great job on your savings goals and getting something from your garden! I have the least green thumb possible, so that is a win to me 😉

  4. SURVIVAL. We’ve got some travel on the books, but we also have INTENSE work on the house this month too so I’m not exactly sure how we’re going to balance it. It’s mostly going to be survival tactics for the next several weeks and setting low expectations. If we’re all fed, alive, still on schedule, and not at each other’s throats by August 1, I’m calling that a win.

    I love your garden, please do keep sharing your harvests <3

  5. Hey, it sounds like you’re doing great with those goals! I feel ya on the blog woes. I don’t know what my problem is, but it feels like I’m always so busy/tired/lazy that writing falls to the wayside. Oops. I love the idea of decluttering; I think I’ll steal that as a goal for July for myself. 🙂

  6. Congratulations on achieving the savings goal!

    July is always a busy month of festivals and camping, with an out-of-town wedding thrown in this year to make it even more interesting. My goals for the month are to enjoy all of the fun things, keep up with my work and life tasks, and not stress over the fact that my income is going to be lower this month because of days off. I’ve made a conscious decision to work less in July so that I can enjoy all of the good things, so now I need to not make myself crazy when I don’t get paid!

  7. Karen

    I’m gonna go Uber-frugal in July. Daughter has my car for work so I am housebound with lots of diy projects that will keep me puttering and. It spending!!

    I get a lump sum salary for summer (teacher) so I am gonna try to limit my impulse spending to put even more $ away for college tuition. Happily I made my savings goal of sophomore year tuition, property tax and car insurance so the big end of June goals were HIT!! Good luck to everyone meeting their goals.

  8. Very impressive, Penny. How do you do all this with another human being growing inside you? You’re a modern day Wonder Woman! Thanks for the update. And good luck on the decluttering. We all fight a never ending battle against man-made kudzu.

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