1. Love it. Being the youngest of 8 we had a lot of “hand me down” toys, and communal board games that we shared. Lately, my single biggest way of decluttering has been by scanning many books to PDF format. I did a long blog post about it, with a video. Takes some time, but is worth it to me. Along with that, purging a closet full of sports memorabilia. I don’t want thousands of cards. I just want to keep the Michael Jordan rookie card. We live in a 900 sq foot apt. with no extra storage, and could probably move anywhere on the planet in a single day. That’s lean. Best under rated side effect…the rest of my family is so jealous that it spurs them on to their own purging! (some of them at least)

  2. DC2’s birthday is coming up so she’s been decluttering herself in anticipation of the influx. (We also do not buy toys. Because there are relatives perfectly happy to take on that job.)
    Her toys and books get passed down to a younger kid whose mom I work with.

  3. We kept our 3-year old’s old clothes in anticipation that we were going to have another kid. And it paid off with our newborn wearing all of his clothes when he was born. But as soon as he starts to outgrow, we will be looking for any friends/relatives that could have kids and donate it to them.
    The same goes for his toys and books. As soon as the younger one is done with them, it’s time to pass it down to someone else or simply donate them.

  4. We have a 2 bags of kid’s shoes sitting in the garage that we want to donate. But they’ve been sitting there for the last 6 months (maybe longer). Totally need to declutter ourselves.

  5. I had to feel like a bad auntie, because I got my nephew books for his birthday instead of fun toys. It was super awkward when he opened up the bag and was like, ‘Okayyy, and then moved on.” But I’m adamant about not just getting him whatever he wants. Trying to think of the long game here 🙂

  6. I can’t remember WHEN it was but I’m still very proud of myself for having gotten through a couple of boxes in my office – I had been losing a staring contest with those dang boxes for months. The last few boxes are going to be more of a challenge because honestly I DID cheat a little by moving some of the contents of those earlier boxes into these remaining boxes. EEEKS.

    I’ve moved a large bag of JB’s outgrown clothes back to the family pool of hand me downs, and I’m about to refresh zir wardrobe with the next size up of hand me downs so that’s neutral. I’m donating a handful of toys that were never played with, as well.

    • I love how your family cycles through clothes. That’s so helpful and smart and just the best. Also, I think it’s great that most of what you take in is balanced out. I need to work on this!

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