1. Too funny. I usually avoid curb pick up for that same reason, but earlier this summer our neighbor tried selling their air hockey table at a garage sale. It didn’t sell and they moved it to the curb. Chris took notice and asked if he could bring it into the apartment if it worked. I was having one of those days where all I say is – i don’t care, as long as I don’t have to deal with it. And proceeded to have quiet time with a book in the bedroom. He walked down the driveway with the kids in the middle of the day (no trying to hide themselves, lol) Next thing I know, we have an air hockey table in our living room. The kids love it and it works great during playdates. Chris grabbed it right away so no water damage or anything.

    • What an awesome find! I’m sure your neighbors were happy to see it go to a good home.

      I once carried a dining room table down and around two blocks with my husband. It was so cringy, but I love the table now!

  2. I’ve fallen hard for decluttering too. It just feels so good. I put things on Offer Up for free so I can declutter faster (’cause free!) but that opened up extra flakey, non follow up, “wer u at?” intro messages of “interested” buyers. I waited 30 minutes once and then we realized we were just in opposite entrances, argh, and when people say a few minutes it’s 10+ minutes to 1 hr.

    Always awkward…but then the right one comes along and when you do make that sale, cash in hand is a great feeling. I bet you can flip that toy play kitchen, $12 at least st doesn’t say anyone back too far =)

    • I’m shocked that there isn’t an app like this. Hmmm. It does make decluttering really easy! I’ve actually used it to sell and to give things away for free. Because honestly, knowing that it’s going to a good home AND being rid of it…is good enough in some cases!

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