1. I think hustling like a high schooler is completely valid. I worked 20-30 hours, played all my favorite sports, and did well in school. I was a little too stressed considering I had no responsibility to anyone but myself, but it was a good learning experience, and one that makes me believe that we are never too busy for friends.

  2. I think I once Googled how to defrost bagels or something similarly obvious.

    I hustled like hell in high school. I generally had 3 honors or AP classes, did a competitive drama/debate/speaking thing as an extracurricular, did the 3 plays each year and still worked one or two evenings a week and full-time on the weekends. Now that I have chronic fatigue, I’m so envious. Even though some of that hustle might have an unhealthy way to avoid problems I was dealing with, it was still pretty impressive.

    I remember have a discussion when I was in junior high or maybe high school with my mom. She was giving me grief for not doing my chores. She didn’t appreciate my point that I “worked” just as hard as she did because I was in classes 8 hours a day, five days a week.

    Granted, she did a ton more stuff around the house than I did, but I was annoyed that she kept treating my school as though it wasn’t active work for me.

  3. We should never stop hustling. Too many adults fall into this pattern of working one job, then wasting away the rest of your time until clocking back in. I’m always trying to do something productive with my time.

    I’ve also been working on my Spanish. My great grandmother is from Spain, so it feels like I’m honoring my heritage. Did you ever try the CatSpanish app? It’s really fun.

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