Debt Free at 35: What Comes After a 10-Year Money Goal

10 years ago today, I bought a house. And paying off that house has been the focus of our money journey for years.  There have been more ups and downs than I ever imagined. Several reductions-in-force at work, two unpaid maternity leaves, and so much more.  A few months ago, we made that goal our … [Read more…]

Teacher Talk: A Few Thoughts on Starting Year 15 in the Classroom

I started my 15th year of teaching. For a decade and a half, I’ve been writing and reading alongside middle schoolers. It’s hard to believe. So hard, in fact, that I actually wrote out every year I taught, counted and recounted, just to really check.  Then I spent some time thinking about all the things … [Read more…]

Why An Un-Frugal First Birthday Was Just What We Needed

Let’s cut to the chase: we spent more than we needed to on our daughter’s first birthday. Way more. But the other truth is that we spent exactly as much as we wanted. Let me explain. For years, I’ve focused on living frugally. (I even won an award for it back in the day!) Frugality … [Read more…]

FinLit for Kids: M is for Money

M is for money, B is for book, and GW is for generational wealth! There are so many different ways that I want to grow generational wealth. Some of that wealth absolutely involves my husband and I putting in the work to build up assets we plan to pass along. But another big piece of … [Read more…]

A Busted Budget: Of Medicine & Masks

I must confess something. How long as I’ve gotten away from blogging (hello again!) is nothing compared to how long I’ve gotten away from budgeting. Over a year ago, I got pregnant and I got walloped with morning sickness…again. My second pregnancy was not a charm. Everything felt like too much. Layer on a pandemic … [Read more…]