1. I wasn’t aware of Buy Nothing Groups per se, but have achieved similar results through our local NextDoor app. We moved last summer while some charities still weren’t accepting donations. I gave away so much stuff on NextDoor. It made me feel better to get rid of stuff with sentimental value if I had an idea where it was going. I even found homes for my Mom’s needle point pillow collection and there were about 40! So yes, definitely decluttering….although I did keep a couple of those pillows. I enjoy your blog!

  2. Hey Penny! Mrs Gov participates in a buy nothing group and we’ve used it to get random groceries (a mostly full bag of maseca brand masa!) and lots of clothes that can either fit Mrs Gov or the oldest Gov child. Kind of wild that they can swap clothes now. And we’ve purged oodles of baby toys. My tip is if no one takes it on the buy nothing group to post it for $5 on Marketplace and your phone will buzz itself to death as everyone scrambles to get “a steal”. Psychology of deals are crazy things.

  3. I get rid of items via Nextdoor, craigslist or Offer up. Obviously these apps don’t offer a sense of community. I may try a Buy Nothing group next if I can find one. I’m not active on facebook. Anyway thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I want to get some of those wooden trains & a table (maybe we’ll convert our old kitchen table to one by cutting the legs and adding storage?) because, yeah, playing right on the ground is not great on my middle aged back.

    Apparently there are a few buy nothing groups in our city. Maybe after COVID’s under control!

  5. I’m glad to see from the comments that I’m not the only one who had no idea these groups existed. I searched and found that such a group doesn’t exist in my area. However, I feel good donating to my local Goodwill. I know most of the workers there (I’m also a regular customer) and appreciate that I can give back to my community in this way. Even though it doesn’t apply to my area, thanks for bringing awareness to these groups!

  6. I love my Buy Nothing Group. I participate less because of the pandemic, but I have been able to give away several items. I hope to give away more in the Spring. I also like looking at the listings, it actually makes me appreciate what I have–sometimes because I see an “Ask” and realize I have something to give that other people want; and sometimes because I see a “Give” and realize that though it may look interesting, I don’t actually need it.

  7. Seems like you are indulging in a very interesting lifestyle. It curbs us from overspending and everything is shared in a community. I’m planning to join as soon as I find one close to me.

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