1. Thank you so much for talking to me for Tiny Bites, Penny! Honestly, it was such an honour. What I loved most about our conversation is that you openly acknowledged the privilege inherent in being a minimalist and you really try to own that when practising decluttering in your own life. Plus, it was nice to hear from someone who also used to own a TON of stuff. We reformed consumers need to stick together!

  2. Nope, not a minimalist here. Not even an aspiring one. I like my stuff. I don’t need a ton of it, but I definitely like more than a minimalist would. Especially trying to build up my wardrobe a bit. So, no, not minimalist. But I’m impressed with people who are. It’s just more of a voyeur experience for me than an inspirational situation.

  3. Nope, not a minimalist. But I am married to a bit of a hoarder which drives me crazy. Can’t imagine how it would be if I was a minimalist. We’d probably have divorced years ago?

    • Oh, Tre. I feel this in my soul. My husband is definitely a “just in case” kind of person. Thankfully, he’s starting to learn to let go of some things (like plumbing that connects to a faucet we don’t own anymore?!).

  4. What a great article. I have been following Britt at Tiny Ambitions for a while. When my children were young, yes, there was so much “stuff”. As for now, I do not like clutter or excess at all. However, I am still far from being a minimalist. I guess I have an average amount of stuff!

    • That’s how I feel, too! I’m mostly just happy because there’s a place for everything 😀 And Britt is awesome. I was so excited to do the episode!

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