1. It sounds like the fair has a lot of free things for HP to do and he had a fun day! We stopped going to the fair a couple years ago when it cost us $100 just for parking and admission. Add in the rides & food for a couple of teenage boys and you can quickly spend a lot of money.

    • I was actually really surprised at how many things kept him busy for so long. We probably could have skipped the rides entirely if we were feeling a little persuasive. But since we saved up for it, I don’t really mind the spending (this time!).

  2. Chris

    I love our Minnesota state fair that runs the 12 days up to labor day. Cost to get in 15.00 per ticket, but we each saved 3 dollars off by buying at a local grocery store before the fair starts. Just seeing the arts and crafts, 4H, animals and the cute llama, listing to music is worth it and hanging out with my 26 year old son. we get the mini donuts treats, fries, and our favorite curried chicken wrap. I think its worth it.

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