1. Haven’t been to Vegas, but have been on cruise ships and (briefly) in Monte Carlo. I just looked around and watched people.

    I guess I find the noise and lights more off-putting than compelling. because the casino odds are better than the lottery’s, and I’ve done other forms of gambling. I’ve enjoyed the odd poker game (never came home with as much as i took) or blackjack game (ditto) at charity night or played in NCAA pools. But I guess I never expect or depend on winning, so it’s all in good fun.

  2. Last time I was in Vegas, I think we dropped about $1 in some of the slot machines and moved on. The smoke on the casino floor pretty quickly drove us away 🙂

    My family had a joke about Vegas: No one can leave Vegas without contributing to one of their lightbulbs or electricity bill. As in, we all go and give Vegas our money, it’s extremely unlikely to think you’ll bring any home because as you say, there’s not much luck in the mathematics that always favor the house 😉

  3. So very true, all of it. While I still haven’t made it to Vegas, my wife and I go to Atlantic City once or twice a year. I want to believe in luck, but my wife is always saying it’s not luck, it’s just random. Still, over the last ten years, I’m about even on wins and losses yet I’ve gotten plenty of free hotel nights and show tickets and such along the way. And it’s fun for me, as long as I know when to walk away.

  4. I do enjoy Las Vegas, but I’m not big on gambling! I also know that most people lose just as much as they win – if not more! I have family members who are always bragging about their winnings – but you never hear about the time they lost!

  5. Marta

    Best thing in Vegas: Roberto’s Tacos. Find them! Get the rolled tacos with guacamole. As you are eating, you will realize your life could not possibly be any better. Especially if you are sharing with loved ones.

    Another gambling story, I was visiting my 86 year old aunt in Florida over winter break and she always asks me to drive her to the casino. We were going to a casino I had never been to before and because she wanted to stop at the bank on the way, we were trying to find the turnpike from a direction neither of us has used before. We didn’t find the turnpike. We drove for hours and had lunch at a remote farm to table restaurant. We both decided the day turned out much better than it would have if we had gone to the casino. But when we got home and my cousin said, at least you saved all your money. She snippily told him, “I would have won.” ha, ha!

    Thanks for reminding us all how much we have.

  6. Gambling is fun, that is why it is addictive. The truth is, we believe that the odds are in our favor but if that were the case, casino owners wouldn’t be so rich. The probability is tipped ever so slightly in favor of the casino and that is enough for them to win in the long run and enough for the public to think they can get ‘lucky’. This is exactly why your idea of not getting off the airplane is the best possible advice you could give to someone heading over to Vagas.

    Very insightful comment about the winner’s life story. Who knows how many times she had to lose before she won…

  7. Penny, this line: “Most importantly, we had the ability to plan a vacation knowing full well we would come back financially poorer but richer in experience.” You sure are speaking to me! I almost had a bit of an anxiety attack when I was working on our honeymoon itinerary (#SpreadsheetLife). Even though we’ve planned financially in advanced, it still makes me feel a bit weary. But your statement is phenomenal. We choose to forgo gifts for experiences. We have yet to experience a full 2 week vacation with one another, visiting islands far away. I’ve been dreaming of going to our destination with my future husband since I was a little girl (cheesy, but I can be a bit cliche lol). Thank you for this!

    Also – when I went to Vegas, I’m so glad I had the healthy mindset that I have now with money. I played $1, and lost it (the first time I ever gambled). That was it! I walked away and enjoyed observing as the other girls from my party gambled 20’s away on the tables. Some won, most lost. When one girl did win fairly big – you could tell there was a strange air of ‘I’m happy but I’m not’ vibe. Yikes.

  8. The last time we went to LV we played bingo at the Red Rock Casino. A group of us went over and had a blast. I had no idea the game is now all electronic. You’re given a hand held device that crosses off your numbers, and plays a little song when you’re one away from winning. It’s totally hard to feel happy for anyone else when you hear the music and you know it’s not playing for you. Still, we each spent maybe $25 for two hours of fun. And we all won at least one game.

    • I, too, am Bitcoin-less. Vegas, though, is just so fun for me. We haven’t been in quite some time, but I’m really hoping to go back soon!

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