1. There’s something great about experiencing summer through the eyes of a little one! Your summer sounds delightful.

    I’ve enjoyed free/cheap activities this summer as well – hikes, trips to the library, free concerts in the park, exploring my town like a tourist. I wrote a post about it over on my blog. If you visit, just search for ‘summer vacation’ to find it!

  2. There’s literally a popular saying that “the best things in life are free” so it amazes me that people don’t seek out all of the amazing free goodness around them!
    Fingers crossed for that Agricultural Exemption 😉

  3. Everything on this list sounds like an amazing way to spend a summer! We’ve spent our summer exploring local walking and hiking trails which has been close to free and good exercise.

    We also really like going for drives to nearby small towns. That obviously costs us gas money but it’s free otherwise and it gives us see quality talking time when we’re in transit.

    My favourite part of summer is just hanging out and not doing anything. Now that we have our own backyard, it’s just nice to sit outside and enjoy the weather while listening to the birds sing.

  4. Other than the usual free activities that I won’t mention because its a family blog (hey, I’m an Oldster, not a Deadster 🙂 ), our property backs up to a river and a fairly extensive rail to trail system. We are 5 minutes by bike from a very large park and pool complex that has an amphitheater that does concerts on a regular basis. There is always something going on that costs little or nothing.

  5. I’m a vampire and burn in the sun, so it’s frugal indoor activities for me. 😉 I love renting free DVDs from the library and hosting at-home movie nights, complete with popcorn made on the stove.

    If we get the itch to travel during the summer, we’ll go visit family. We get to see a different place for free while hanging out with the people we love. 🙂

  6. Sounds like some great free summer fun to me. One of my favorites is free outdoor concerts in the park, but I just realized I haven’t been to any yet this year! Guess I’d better get the schedule out and plan for some.

    • Totally! We haven’t been to any either. I’m not sure–actually, I know!–that HP would last, but it’s definitely something to remember.

  7. I love all the free little festivals that happen in DC. Walking around and people watching in them is definitely a blast.

    I’ve not used it yet, but a friend gifted me her basketball when she moved away. I live very close to a park with basketball courts and shooting some hoops is a good way to work on that upper body strength. I also discovered through my friends that there is a splashpark connected; I sometimes join them when they are taking their kid. It’s so much fun, but an adult without kids there would be strange.

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