1. It’s funny how you had to catch yourself for a moment there, even with embracing the minimalist lifestyle, there are somethings worth making an exception for.

    Buddy poppies ARE different! Great post!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Some things are worth more than the ‘clutter’ they may create in your life. My step-father is a veteran and supporting veterans is super important to Mr. TA as well. We get poppies every year and then place them at a memorial service on Remembrance Day.

    The one thing that has tested my understanding of minimalism is my grandmother’s jewelry. I inherited quite a lot of it when she passed, but I don’t ever wear any of it. I’ve often thought about selling it, or donating it so it can have a second life with someone else. But, I would never get rid of it – it’s beautiful and the pieces remind me of her every time I see them sitting in my jewelry dish.

  3. For the Oldsters it is a cranberry glass collection. Mrs. Oldster got it from a great aunt and, although it has never been outside of the boxes we brought them home in, we cannot part with them. I feel for my daughter on whom most of the “we can’t part with it” stuff will fall eventually. On the other hand, maybe we’ll have a fire 😉

    • I am trying to be better about parting with the things I think I can’t part with. But I know HP will inherit at least a box or two 😉

  4. I love Buddy Poppies, I picked one up at my grocery store this week.

    Our minimalism was tested when we moved into our house. My mother-in-law kept ALL of my husband’s toys and books and movies from when he was a kid and gave them to us. She had even kept his old pacifier (gross). We tossed a lot of it, but I think I may have to teach him Marie Kondo stuff to get him to part with more haha.

  5. Beautiful post. I was just writing this morning about nostalgia and decluttering (to be published on Tuesday), and I agree that some tangibles are worth saving. Buddy Poppies are more than just a thing and I’m glad you decided to accept it. It’s important that we all remember to take care of our veterans, as well as to remember those who gave their lives in service to our country.

  6. I’m not familiar with Buddy Poppies, but it seems that taking it was the right thing to do.
    In terms of what tests my minimalism… my whole office. I have all these books and scripts and student papers, when I know I mostly work digitally and should get rid of 90% of it… I just feel like a professor’s office should have stuff. It’s definitely on my summer to-do list.

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