1. Katelynne

    If my partner goes back to school, we are definitely doing the credit card thing. Something with an amazing rewards system haha. Fun post!

    • If we had more flexible schedules, we’d totally use this as an opportunity to travel hack. In the meantime, we’re having fun scooping up deals like $200 back on a $1500 purchase. That’s one way to get higher education at a discount!

      • Katelynne

        That’s really smart! and a different way to look at it. My family is across the country though and Canadian flights are $$$$. So I only see any opportunity to get to them cheaper hahahaah 🙂

    • It’s so funny to me how this can get under people’s skin. My in-laws LOVE to bring up the fact that we have a cleaning service. I keep telling them not to knock it until they’ve tried it!

  2. The cleaning is something I think about getting done all the time. Just once a month, I just don’t like doing it but really like a clean house. Seems like a decent trade off!

    • The woman who cleans for us is wonderful. She’s actually a family friend who cleans for my mom. So when she asked if she could do our house, I was really hesitant. Now I can’t imagine doing it any other way. I can definitely get by without her, but it frees up our time for other things…like side hustling!

  3. April Fools truth: sometimes I shop at Whole Foods. It’s exactly on my way home, whereas the cheap supermarket requires a separate, lengthy trip in the opposite direction. What can I say? Sometimes I’m tired.

    Also, I know Whole Foods gets a bad rap in the pf community, but honestly *some things* are CHEAPER there than anywhere else (particularly in the bulk section).

    • Yes! Thanks for chiming in, Sarah! The Whole Foods nearest me is a whole town over by a very congested shopping mall. But they issue coupons and have decent sales. I won’t go out of my way for any grocery store, but I do think it’s an easy store to knock (and sometimes unfairly so).

  4. Mohammed Mulla

    Nice blog.
    I think for a deep clean that is a good rate. This world isn’t about money, it’s about convenience and keeping your mind right too.

    My one finance quirk is, I am a date addict and I never regret a penny of it!

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