1. What wonderful lessons! He should start a blog 😉 I’ve no doubt kids radically change your perspective, and definitely can help you realize less is more. I know most of my childhood my siblings and I could make a whole day out of a pile of leaves or a tree to climb or some cool rocks. Glad you’re savoring the space.

  2. Love that you are realizing all these great things. It’s just the beginning as he’ll teach you so much more. For me these days, it’s my granddaughter proving to me less can really be so much more. I may no longer earn a paycheck to increase our savings rate, but every smile and snuggle from her pays me so much more.

  3. So I clicked on the “excellent minimalism blog”, super excited to discover a new blogger – and you linked to me. So, basically you’ve made my week!

    It’s amazing how much HP has shifted your priorities. I can’t even imagine how not important things become when they’re stacked up against a little extra snuggle or play time with him.

    For me, my cat always reminds me of how less can be more. No matter what fancy toy I buy her, she still loves her one red mouse that has seen better days. She’s definitely a better minimalist than me!

  4. I have learned similar lessons from our son, especially when it comes to time and attention. Often, he could care less what we do or how much we have in front of us… he just wants our time and attention 🙂

  5. I read something once on a simplification blog, about a 3 month trial that involved only having 13 clothing items in your closet (including shoes). Everything else goes in a bin in the basement or attic (or your storage venue of choice). I tried weeding down to 13 items (underwear, socks and exercise gear don’t count) and could not do it. I got it down to about 20 pieces of clothing. You know what? I wear the same 10 things 95% of the time. It’s weird how we get tied to the idea that we might wear that camel hair sport coat at some point so it should stay in the closet. Then, we never do.

  6. I get it from my Airbnb guests! Some of them are hardcore travelers and they pack their entire life in 2 backpacks. It really makes you think how much a person needs. They don’t have to haul heavy stuff around if they’re smart and it makes everything easier. Then I look at my house and go…hm….this needs work.

  7. There is minimalism and valuism. I prefer to be a valuist. I try to only buy things that matter! Kids are like that too, apparently.

    • That’s so true. Minimalism, essentialism, valuism. I think looking at letting things into your life that add value is a great litmus test.

  8. I think this shows it’s much easier if you start from nothing you can easily embrace minimalism. But when you already have a bunch of stuff it’s so hard to let go.

    When I lost weight I tried to build a minimalist wardrobe, but truth be told there are still many things I do not wear.

    • That is exactly what it is, Ms ZiYou! I am working on getting rid of things and not letting anything else into my life. It’s so much easier to work from scratch with him!

  9. Michelle | Operation Husband Rescue

    We are starting to break down our house for the moving process and THAT is reminding me that less is more. We have so.much.crap. My husband squirrels away little knick knacks in every open drawer he can find in our house. I have boxes that I’ll never use piled up the garage in haphazard towers.

    Who needs all this garbage? We are planning on having a garage sale this summer, and I’m hoping most of our stuff can become someone else’s problem. I want to just….start over.

    • That is my biggest regret. That I didn’t start decluttering until AFTER I moved all my junk into our house. Ugh. Good luck to you this summer!

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