• Glad you agree! I can get in a whole workout in the time it would take me to commute to and from the gym. Plus, nothing beats being outside when the weather is nice.

  1. I was a gym enthusiast for years, and reached nice fitness goals, but this summer I did not renew my membership. I wanted to test and see if I could remain active. I have. Winter might be a different story, though. Will have to see. But the money saved (plus the time in commute to and from the gym) is really nice.

    • That’s really reaffirming to hear. I’ve been able to stick with a pretty consistent fitness routine this summer even though we’ve had some sweltering days. I’m nervous about winter, though. Do you do a lot of outdoor workouts?

  2. Kate

    Hey, Penny! I’m loving your blog so far (making my way through the archives). I’d love to know which fitness blogs you read. I’m considering a gym membership right now, and I need all the motivation I can get. The gym that’s less than a mile from our home has all the regular equipment (cardio, weight machines, free weights) plus a pool, sauna, steam room and hot tub. I’m mostly considering a membership for the pool so I can ease back into fitness. (I was a bit of a fitness fanatic before I was hit with chronic pain in 2012.)

    • So cool to hear! Thanks for stopping by.

      My very favorite one is Pumps and Iron. She’s so down to earth. She’s gotten a lot more hardcore, since she quit her job to fitness blog and teach fitness full time. So I love going back in her archives. I’ve followed her since almost day 1! I can recommend some others, too. I’d love to chat fitness – definitely not an expert, and would love to have more people to motivate me. I’ll look for you on Twitter!

      • Aly

        Just reading this now, I’m going to check out Pumps and Iron, in the past few years since writing this have you found any new fitness blogs or channels you like best? I’m starting to work out at home and would love some recommendations!

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