1. We were midway through the Kondo book & process before Mrs. Done by Forty was so pregnant that she said, “Nope, no more of this”. We have talked about doing another sweep and, like you said, the motivation for this comes in waves. The show certainly helped bring it front and center for us.

    Now to get off my tuchus and start again…

  2. No decluttering here, though I’m always impressed to read about your efforts. I do need to go through my closet and try on a few things from last year that I don’t think fit flatteringly anymore (too baggy — hooray!) and donate those back to Goodwill (from whence they came). Maybe I’ll make that this weekend’s project…

  3. Besides that shoe donations that we’re dropping off at DSW, we are also clearing up some space for the arrival of baby #2. We are getting rid of one of the strollers. The brakes are done on there and it squeaks the last few times we used it. So we’re just doing to donate it on Nextdoor or to Goodwill. We will rely on other stroller for the newborn.
    We also are donating clothes MwC and me don’t wear anymore. We have a few bags full of them and it feels nice to have a bit more space with those clothes out the way.

  4. Can I just say that snow in April should be banned? We got four more inches yesterday and I am OVER it. I don’t have anything to add about decluttering, but in a similar vein, we are repurposing some backyard stones to create a new project. That will save us having to buy new materials! Of course, we now have to wait for the snow to melt before we continue that project lol

  5. Great post! Thanks for writing it up – we are on the tail end of a massive, entire house declutter. The garage was the hardest! It will have taken us three months by the time we finish. We are both much happier with less clutter – and we were mostly minimalist before we started, so this is saying something!

  6. David Pless

    Simeone recently turned me onto a Facebook group called “Buy Nothing”. It’s been great doing the Marie Kondo process and being able to gift stuff. Lots of gratitude makes it easier to keep going:)

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