1. Oh wow. Yes, these screenings are such a pain. And yes, Mr. ThreeYear does them every year for the wellness money. I agree with you that trackers are way more effective. But, we’re trapped into the darn screenings until someone comes up with another hoop to jump through.

    • The first time I quit Diet Coke it was BAD. The headaches were like nothing I had ever felt, and I had migraines growing up. Thankfully, I don’t think I’m really hooked like I was. But I suppose we’ll find out!

  2. 1. I could not live without coffee. I’ve learned to deal with, and accept my weakness. Don’t judge me ;-).

    2. We do the wellness stuff here too, but I ignore it. It costs me a few hundred dollars a year, but I count my time worth more so I basically tell them to [expletive] off, nicely, of course.

    3. There are more important things than saving a few bucks. Among them: happiness, lack of stress of the foolish demands of others, and, of course caffeine.

  3. See, we miss out on all this sort of preventative medicine in the UK, I always wonder how useful it could be.

    And since when did caffeine become bad?

    • Ha! I don’t think it is.

      And IMHO this isn’t preventative medicine. It’s one blood draw that my primary doctor always redoes because he doesn’t trust the results. LOL

  4. I … ugh. I get why companies want to do screening penalties, but I feel like positive reinforcement is a better way to encourage employees to actually stay healthy. For example, I used to contract at a MegaCorp that gamified fitness. You earned points for meeting your daily steps, which you could cash in for PTO or a bonus.

    • OMG WHAT?!? That sounds amazing, please email me their name so I can apply! 😉 I’d eat kale all day erryday, and even train for a 5K, to earn an extra week of vacay. (lol, accidental rhymes)

      Wow, Penny, sorry to hear your screening is more stressful… all my workplace does is have you check a box saying “I don’t smoke” and you get a credit… I kind of wish we did more preventive health measures, because it is SO much easier to get ahead of bad habits and start healthy ones than to clean up the mess from decades of poor choices but… ‘murica.

      You could try an easy breathing exercise when you’re in line: Uses your ring finger and thumb on one hand. Place thumb against one nostril, and breathe in through the other. Hold it 2-3 seconds, switch out thumb and place your ring finger against the other side nostril. Breathe out for 3. Breathe back in through that side, hold 2-3. Switch back to thumb, breathe out for 3. Repeat that 3-5 times, or as much as you need to feel calm. 🙂

  5. I hate these things for their ableism, too. I have genetically great lab results. That isn’t my employer’s business. I don’t “deserve” more money because of my genetic fluke.

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