1. The big expenses are dependent on your situation. Ie is everyone healthy or is there added health care needs for Mommy or baby? Also is paid daycare needed. Avoid those and your costs should be relatively low in the near term.

    • Yes. Health matters so much. And daycare. We are so fortunate to have family volunteering to watch him this first year. We will still pay them, but it will be significantly less than daycare. I’ll do a tally of our hospital bills soon (as long as they don’t keep coming in…yikes!).

  2. I may have been murdered (and rightfully so) if I dropped the breastfeeding is easy card. Shaking formula in a bottle…. easy. Feeding breastmilk after your wife did all the hard working getting it……easy.

    We have started switching to formula (6.5 months later) and it is fricken expensive! We are enjoying the convenience factor however.

    Thanks for putting this together – I remember looking for concrete information and struggling to find useful and relatable numbers

  3. I’m happy to hear that HPs tummy troubles are fixed now. I haven’t tried to Up and Up brand, we don’t have target up here anymore in Canada 🙁 but that’s a pretty good price for diapers! Wow I didn’t know that probiotic drops are so expensive. We haven’t had to use any so far. Thanks for sharing your weekly costs log!

    • Thanks so much! They’re relatively fixed. The soy helped a lot, and I’ve given up dairy for two months now. Of all the store brands (Walgreens, local grocery chain, Aldi, and now Target), we really like Up & Up. Plus, they’re very transparent with what goes in their wipes and they answered me right away when I inquired about animal testing!

  4. Pretty good numbers, thank you for sharing.

    After 4 weeks of giving breastfeeding a go, we threw in the towel and went exclusively with formula…premixed formula at that. It made life a lot easier for all parties involved, but by the time we got Little Bit on solids, we were spending $20 a week or so just on food. and that was ordering from Diapers.com by 4 cases at a time.

  5. Angela

    The cheapest price I’ve found on simethecone (baby gas drops) is $3.99 ($3.49 on sale regularly) for 1 oz at Kroger (Comforts For Baby Infant Gas Relief Drops).

    • That’s such a deal. I was paying $11 at Walgreens! We don’t have Kroger out here, so Target will have to do. But I always love having price points for comparison. Thanks, Angela!

  6. I think the quarter million number is fairly accurate. We have a 14 year old girl (girls are a little more expensive on the clothes side of things) and think that number is about where it is headed. This includes all the front end stuff and the figuring out what works for food and cleaning and what doesn’t, as well as day care, entertainment, other medical, school stuff (supplies, clothes/uniforms, lunches/snacks), transportation (he will ride a bike and, all too soon, drive). What that number does not include is college. If you haven’t run that number, wait for wine time 🙂

    Still, the adventure is so much fun and so absolutely exhausting.

  7. Fwiw, the vitamin D drops we bought have actually lasted us through to this baby, and I expect them to expire before gone. We may have different brands, but you may be surprised how far they go!

  8. I highly recommend Aldi diapers too, if you live close to one. We used only Target brand for a long time, as they were the cheapest. Then Aldi started selling them and they were just as good, but cheaper.

    I have 3 kids and I think that kids do cost, but I don’t think they have to be expensive. Especially as you have more, many things can be reused. We made sure to go the gender neutral route on many baby items with our first for this reason.

    • Yes! We’ve had a lot of luck with Aldi diapers as well. Target is running a lot of their gift card promos right now, so Up & Up seems to be a hair cheaper. But I will happily use either! I love Aldi wipes, too. I’m excited to try out their baby “food” down the road (the little yogurt bites look so cute!). Gender neutral is great advice. I’m pretty obsessed with gray, so it’s worked out well at least clothing wise!

  9. Femme Cents

    This looks like a really good breakdown. We were fortunate that someone put together a little gift basket of a lot of these supplies for us (gas drops, Zantac, probiotics, etc.) and it may become my go to baby shower gift for others because it has been so useful.
    And I totally hear you on the half diaper sizes!! Half sizes —> Major blowouts —> more laundry —> repeat. I’m hoping I’m on the end of one of those transitions… gotta love parenthood. 🙂

    • That’s a great gift basket idea. I’m making a mental list of all the things that I could do once a registry is bought out! So many things to think about.

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