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  1. This was a YEAR.

    Most years we don’t spend a whole lot but this year was different. I’d already put in the $100 for nibling gifts, and I knew to expect $200 in other family gifts. But we have some very dear friends who supported me and us (moral support, empathy, above and beyond) for so many years when I was poor and we are comfortable enough to quietly thank them with a nice consumable gift so I’m going to be picking really nice consumables for them as long as it’s in budget for us. I expect our gifting budget is going to be running around $400 a year going forward.

    We also spent something like $400-500 in bulk necessities (mostly consumables plus some needed clothes and kitchenware) that will last us months or many years. It’s not going to be a fun credit card bill to pay but we had to pay up at some point. I’d rather get it at the lowest possible per unit price than wait past the holidays and pay full freight.

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