1. Barb

    I use some of the same techniques that you do but something that has stopped me cold in my consumer tracks lately is imagining who will dispose of the item after I have died! I am not planning on dying soon but I seem to have had a lot of deaths in my circle of friends, families and acquaintances lately. Just this past weekend my ex sister-in-law died unexpectedly (cardiac arrhythmia) and she was a sweet, kind hearted woman who would never pass up a garage sale bargain. I imagine now her family being grief stricken but also having to sort through her stuff and dispose of it.

    I once had shelves and shelves of shoes and at one point I had over fifty purses. I now have one purse and one tote. Seriously…ONE purse. Old me could not have imagined a happy life that included only one purse. ☺️ Mindfulness is probably the key to managing our consumer impulses but it still remains a challenge at times.

  2. One trick my wife and I try to use is to run every purchase by the other person first. Practically speaking, you can’t do that with every $1.99 kindle book, but set a threshold and everything over that number, you have to bring it up to your spouse. Just knowing that I have to justify another pair of comfy slippers, or book on baseball history, keeps me from going too crazy.

    • Hi, Oldster! We’ve missed you! 😀 That’s a great idea to use a partner as a sounding board. I think my husband and I do this informally, but we should totally set something like this up!

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