1. Vegas is one of those places that seems like it should be expensive, but hardly ever is, all said and done. They want you to go, so you can gamble! They’ll make as much as cheap as possible, hoping you’ll realize what a great deal you’ve gotten…to realize you have extra money to play in the casinos. If you can avoid them, it’s a heck of a steal of a trip!
    And with all the talk of saving for the future and planning ahead and being on top of your finances…if everything is taken care of, you’re well prepared, why not go on a trip? Sure, you could pay that somewhere and have a lower balance on something. Sure. But there’s something to be said for actually taking some funds (that aren’t earmarked for anything!) and having a good time every once in a while!

    • You’re so right, Jessica. They want you to get there with money in your pockets! As far as well prepared, we probably could do a lot more with investing. But it’s so overly complicated with our terrible 403(b) options. Roths are good and bills are paid. So Vegas it is.

  2. What travel plans do I have coming up? This is the most fun comment ever!

    In January, I’m going to Camp Mustache in Florida.

    In October, I’m going to FinCon in Dallas.

    In between March and October, I have not a clue where I’ll be at this moment, but it won’t be here in California. 🙂

  3. Sometimes you just need to escape the cold! I actually love winter, because I feel so rushed in the other seasons trying to fit every awesome activity in. But winter comes, and I look outside at the snow, then feel great about reading a book and drinking coco. But come Feb-March, even I am DONE. Like SO over it. I wouldn’t mind doing a warm weather trip every February. But with 4 kids in school, it might not be in the cards.

    • My problem is sometimes it’s still snowing in April here. It drags on forever. I just need a little sunshine in my life. Last year, I was half joking about buying one of those lights that mimics daylight. Maybe I can convince Santa to buy me one!

  4. Other than work trips, which take me all over Florida ok any given week, I try to escape to the Midwest whenever I can, which is maybe 2 weeks a year? I don’t have any vacation time in this job, so it becomes a working vacation, but it’s nice to be able to be with family at the holidays.

  5. I may have some work travel before the year ends, but the big one I’m looking forward to is a ski trip in Colorado with some friends at the end of the year. Can’t wait for that one! Enjoy Vegas!

  6. Sometimes you just need to get away 🙂 At some point you need to be able to spend your money on things that you value. Las Vegas during this time of the year sounds amazing.

    I wish I had vacation plans coming up, fortunately we just got back from a New England/Canada cruise which was a blast.

    We have started to explore vacation plans for next year but with a now one year old we are trying to decide what the three of us will all enjoy.

    • Oh, wow. I have never done a cruise, nor had I considered one in that direction. That sounds lovely! And what a lovely “problem” to have – have fun traveling with your peanut!

  7. Travel is one area where I thoroughly enjoy spending money! My partner and I are spending the November long weekend (Remembrance Day here in Canada) in a cabin in the woods, and then we’re going to Amsterdam in the spring for a conference (tax deductible vacation!).

  8. We just enjoyed our yearly respite with the family road trip to Maine. We have the added issue of towing along a bunch of kids or finding someone who would agree to watch them for a few days (LOL at that).

    I hope you have a great time in Vegas. We could have used the Maine road trip money to pay off more debt, but there is plenty of research on how vacations are really good for you. Besides, you could do a lot worse by racking up debt on a more-exotic location with all sorts of amenities.

    • Harmony, that’s a powerful way to look at it. It’s true I could save more, but I could also spend a lot more. A little time away for forced regrouping is helpful.

  9. It’s awesome you put travel so high on your list! We definitely have Vegas in our future travel plans – but I have no idea what MLife is?? We only have one trip on the books right now – to Sarasota for Thanksgiving week. We’re flying SW with our companion pass – so the only cost is the car for the week and 17,000 points. We’ll stay in our condo and enjoy the beach 🙂

  10. Today is also a good day to take care of yourself and build memories. I don’t have any travel plans, but my niece is coming out here for Thanksgiving and I’m really excited about that.

    • I’m so excited for you! Family visits are the best. I unexpectedly bumped into my “little” cousin at the library today. She let me drive her home (even though she’s a sophomore in high school and I am probably not cool). We were only in the car for 10 minutes or so, but it’s such great time together.

  11. I’ve never been there, but Vegas sounds great, especially compared to winter in Chicago! Amen to traveling now while you can. It’s all about finding balance. If you don’t have to give up all fun to be smart with money, then have fun!

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